$5 Saturdays; The Answers with Dale Peachey

  • southside tea room 639 wynnum rd morningside

The Answers is an awesome band you haven't even heard of. Nor had I. I couldn't even find anything on them using the google machine. What I do know is this: The Answers is actually Wintah Thompson (Little Lovers), Wintah's sister and Glenn Thompson (The Go Betweens, Custard, The Warm Nights).  

They are a family band. Like the bands in the days of yonder, or Game Of Thrones. Google just told me we actually have more words about The Answers on our Facebook event page

It's $5 Saturdays; tickets $5 and we now do DELICIOUS AWESOME FOOD so come for dinner and pair of beer with that cider, I MEAN burger.